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Moolji Jaitha College is one of the premier academic institutions, having junior and senior wings, with arts, science, commerce and management streams. The institution is committed to achieve the highest academic standards and provides an opportunity to the students to choose and enroll in programmes that are best suited to them. It is well known for its educational, cultural, social and spiritual enterprises. As a result, the college has been conferred with the status of ‘College of Excellence’ by UGC and ‘Star college’ by Ministry of Science and Technology.

We believe that in the present competitive environment, only the fittest will survive. With the help of Dnyanjyot Institution, we provide in-house training for MPSC , UPSC and other competitive examinations. Since 2015, our college has initiated two dream projects, ‘Sports Talent Search’ and “Art Talent Search, to identify talented students in and around Jalgaon district and nurture them to rise at national and international horizons. Therefore, our mission is to impart quality education to our students with a global vision and holistic perspective.


“To be a pre-eminent educational institution that prepares students from diverse backgrounds for productive careers by providing them with a student-centered, practically focused quality learning experience.”


  • Excellence in core mission activities of teaching and service will continue to be the primary focus.
  • Future development will be built on our strength in the academic disciplines, providing innovative responses to critical needs and making cost effective use of our resources.
  • The focus area will be courses that bring values to the students from diverse fields.
  • We will undertake innovative multidisciplinary initiatives in order to strengthen its contributions to instructions and public services. These activities will be selected because they promise to result in unique opportunities for us and are of great social significance.
  • We are engaged in a process of inter-nationalization of the curriculum that will yield exciting opportunities for research and instructions.


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The ‘logo’ of College exemplifies the motto ‘Knowledge is Power’. This logo has symbolic significance. At the Centre of this logo, there is an abbreviated form of Moolji Jaitha College (MJC).A book and a lamp in the logo signifies Arts faculty whereas a balance and a toothed wheel signifies Commerce and Industry, which in turn represent Commerce Faculty. The Scientific equipments , the figures of bacteria and atom symbolizes Chemistry, Biology, and Physics i.e. Science Faculty.This Logo thus symbolizes Arts, Commerce, and Science Faculties and the wheel indicates incessant motion of progress.

..::महाविद्यालय गीत ::..

ज्ञानभूमीच्या राजतकणांचा कुंकुम माथा भरू |
जयजयकार करू | सर्वही जयजयकार करू |

जीवनातही रम्य – पौर्णिमा छाञकळा लाभली
गुरुचंद्राच्या कृपाप्रसादे चित्तावृची तोषली
स्नातक होता अवघे जीवन सुरवात लागे झरू |

देश-धर्म संस्कृती भेटवी ग्रंथ सत्य दर्शनी
सदगुणी संस्कारची लाभे अक्षय संजीवनी
भूत भविष्य वर्तमान हा इथेच जाणे धरू|

जीवनास या लाभे येथे दिव्य – भव्य – पूर्तता
वास्तू स्वर्ग हा जन्मा घालो स्वप्न – ध्येय सांगता
द्विजापारी मन स्वातंत्राच मंत्र लागते स्मरू |

नवा जन्म हा वस्त्यातून घडे विश्वचेतना
मानवतेच्या संकल्पाची उजळून ये भावना
कला – क्रीडा विज्ञान मार्ग हे कर्तव्य आचारु |

ज्ञान हीच संपदा केवला शक्ती भक्ती खरी
सरस्वतीचे वीणास्त्र हे निनादती अंतरी
साधनेत या मुल्जीयन्स हे रंग लागले भरू|

                                                                                                        प्रा. राजा महाजन

..:: Unflinching Belief ::..

” Education is the means to improve the
quality of life and to achieve the
development of personality.

True Education is that which allows
intellect to grow and effects good
thoughts and helps in character-building.

Education is the means to bring
about the best in many for the
all round development of mankind.”


Affiliates and Associates


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